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Greet the spring with an expert Irrigation Spring Activation performed by an expert NAIAD irrigation technician to get your lawn ready for the season!


Irrigation spring activation

System Activation

Complete irrigation system check-up and sprinkler activation to ensure your system is performing correctly and it is ready for Spring. This service includes:

  • Turning on your irrigation water to the system.
  • Adjustment of heads and nozzles for optimal coverage.
  • Timer / Controller programming, as needed.
  • Post inspection consultation to advice you if any repairs or replacement are needed and to address any of your questions.
  • Full visual inspection of the entire system.

*A service technician will access your mechanical room to turn on water and controller programming

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Sprinkler Activation Service


Professional sprinkler activation

Can’t I just run the water on my own? Is there really a need for someone to activate my system in the Spring? Why hire a professional to do an Irrigation Sprinkler Activation ? Are some of the questions that we hear from customers.

Activating an irrigation system in the spring is potentially the most important action you would do in the spring and summer for your irrigation system.

During the autumn and winter seasons, many components can get damaged with the freeze and thaw that we experience as Calgarians. From damaged pipes to broken sprinklers that create leaks or modified the reach of your system it is key to make sure all the components are in place. A proper system winterization can prevent that.

We invite you to watch our Spring Activation video below to see what this service is all about.

Calgary Spring

5 minute intro to Spring Activation

Say Hello to Spring!

Sprinkler activation