Residential Spring Activation

** Spring Activation Services, DO NOT include the Testing of the Cross Connection Control Device. Which is required by the City of Calgary's Bylaws and Regulations, to be tested annually by a Certified Technician. To book a Cross Connection Control Test, please CLICK HERE 

NOTE: Pricing is based on the amount of Control Valves, currently installed in your Irrigation System. By booking a Spring Activation, you are only securing a priority spot in our schedule. This means that we will contact you a couple of weeks in advance, prior to the Spring season starting to provide you with proposed dates, as soon as, the weather warms up enough to safely turn the water on to your system.

Feel free to contact our office directly, for any questions or concerns you may have in regards to this service.

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Have the Naiad team turn on your sprinklers for the summer.

They'll turn on your water and timer and go through your system to check for any repairs that need to be done.

Make your sprinkler system truly worry-free with Naiad's Spring Activation.


  • Turning the water on to the irrigation system

  • This service does NOT include the inspection and/or testing of any cross connection control devices, should a device be present that requires testing, Naiad can perform the test at an additional rate. 

  • A full walkthrough and visual inspection of every irrigation zone

  • Inspection of all heads, sprinklers, emitters, etc. within each irrigation zone to ensure proper coverage and function 

  • Programming of the irrigation controller (if present) for a general schedule. 

  • Note that irrigation programming should be adjusted as weather conditions change, we are able to provide a base programming that should provide a great foundation to work off of, however the run times may require adjusting during periods of abnormal weather (high temperatures, high rainfall, etc.) and to adjust to the unique microclimate of your property. 

  • Naiad is not responsible for any programming changes made to a controller after the activation, should you require assistance with the programming of your controller a service appointment can be made 

  • Should any damage be present during the activation, our technician will document it and come up with an effective plan to correct the damage 

  • Should repairs be required, they can typically be performed on the spot, however applicable service rates and parts will apply 

  • Note that if the irrigation mainline or control valves to a system are damaged, service work will be required to complete the activation. If this is the case, the technician will notify the client immediately and discuss repair costs prior to proceeding. 

  • All estimates for repairs are based on the information we are able to gather without actually performing repairs. We can only diagnose issues up until the point of damage, once the damage has been repaired more issues may be present on the system. Should this be the case, a new estimate will be prepared. 

  • While Spring Activations are highly recommended, they are not mandatory, it is possible to activate an irrigation system yourself. However, should you choose to activate your own irrigation system (even if Naiad performed the winterization) Naiad is not responsible for any potential damages to your property as a result of failure to follow correct activation practices and procedures such as failing to inspect each zone, failing to ensure all fittings and connections are water tight and so on and so forth. 

  • Having Naiad Activate your irrigation system ensures that it will function to the best of its ability for the season, however it does not mean that the system cannot encounter damages that will affect the operation of the system. It is highly recommended that a visual inspection of the system be performed on a regular basis to ensure that all components of the system are still fully operational. Naiad is not responsible for any repair work that may be required after the activation.