Price to install an underground irrigation system in Calgary

Price varies drastically from property to property and there are many factors that contribute to price. A common misconception is that size of property determines the price. While size is a factor, just as important is the shape of the property. Often times a property with many small areas is more expensive than a lot with one large area. A typical lot in Calgary costs about $3,500 to $6,000 to irrigate. Naiad's detailed quotes allow our customers to know exactly what is going into their lawn and shows what their money is going to.

Operational costs will be around $250 dollars per year for testing the DCVA and winterizing the irrigation system. The cost of the initial testing of the DCVA and winterization of your new irrigation system, is included in the installation price.

Naiad does install irrigation systems with technology that does conserve water. This does cost the clients a little more, so if you are looking for an irrigation system and you are not concerned paying a little more to save even more money over the long run, we are not the irrigation installation company for you. ROI depends on the size of the yard, but typically the costs can be recovered in one year. The average irrigation system will cost you $100 per month in water, now factor in a 50% water savings and you will save about $300 per season installing an irrigation system such as ours.

Clients always ask us for ballpark pricing for an installation of a sprinkler system, so here it is: our pricing starts at $3,200.

A per square meter of landscaped area price is $16 to $20. Meaning if you want to irrigate 200 square meters it will cost you $3,200 to $4,000, but we must point out that the smaller your yard, the more per square foot because of inefficiencies.

None of the prices on this website include GST. AGAIN, THIS IS ONLY BALL PARK PRICING AND IT IS MEANT FOR BUDGETING PURPOSES. For a detailed quote, contact us to book a free estimate. Make sure to have a copy of your real property report or lot plan on regular letter sized paper so that we can prepare an irrigation drawing for you.