Underground Sprinkler System Installation


What's included in a Naiad Irrigation System?

Our philosophy at Naiad is to ensure that every customer receives the highest level of service. We provide professional and friendly service, and pride ourselves in effective and ongoing communication with clients.

Our systems are designed to optimize water usage. In the long term, your Naiad irrigation system will pay for itself in water savings. We use high quality parts, including Hunter MP rotators, PGP rotors, Solar Sync weather stations and timers. We always guarantee our work.

Our irrigation systems comply with city bylaws in regards to backflow preventers and include the installation of all necessary backflow prevention devices (DCVA otherwise known as a Double Check Valve).

Our crews take extra care to ensure that your lawn is not damaged during installation by using a line puller instead of digging a wide trench. Any disturbance to your lawn will be healed within two weeks, and your yard will start to look amazing! We do recommend fertilizing your lawn once the installation is complete.

We are always here to provide support for your irrigation system once installation is complete.

What can I expect during the installation process?

Initial Visit - one of our trained irrigation technicians will meet with you on site to determine your needs, and to gather information about the property in order to complete an irrigation drawing.

Estimate - an irrigation drawing of your property will be completed, and a price estimate will be sent to you for consideration. The average cost for an irrigation system is approximately $4000. This includes the $1,100 cost for a plumber to run an irrigation mainline.

Preparation - to prepare for the installation of your irrigation system, we will install an irrigation mainline (if needed), a backflow prevention device will be installed, as per city bylaws, and utility companies will come to locate any underground power lines.

Installation - our install crew will complete the installation of your system. This may take one to two days, depending on the size of the system. Once the install is completed, the crew will provide a quick overview for you, and ensure that your system is running smoothly.

Inspection - A city inspector will inspect the backflow prevention device after it is installed. Someone will need to be home for this appointment.

Post Installation - A walk through of your system will be completed after one month. This walk through will ensure that your lawn is receiving full water coverage, and that there are no deficiencies.

Maintenance - your system will need regular maintenance, which includes winterizations, spring activations, and testing of the backflow prevention device. Your first winterization is on us, and we will book this service for you upon completion of the installation. We are happy to provide all of these services, and are always here to answer any questions you may have.

Homeowner's Checklist

The following are action items for you to be aware of:

o Real Property Plan - please have this available for your initial visit.

o Acceptance of Estimate - send us the approved estimate to get the process started.

o Mainline and timer install - ensure that someone is home during the plumbing installation.

o Locates - ensure that all locate information is given to the installation crew.

o System Test - access to the house is needed to turn on and test the system at the end of the installation.

o Inspection - city inspectors will ensure that backflow prevention devices are installed to code. Please note that someone will need to be home for this appointment. A $300 fee will be charged if the city inspector is unable to access the backflow device for testing.

o Payment - Payment is due upon completion of the install. We accept cheques, VISA and MasterCard.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

All Naiad irrigation systems include a 5 year warranty. The warranty covers all product defects as long as Naiad Irrigation Systems Ltd. completes the fall blowout and testing of the backflow prevention device for the sprinkler system each year. Proof of winterization and backflow device testing is required to honor the warranty.

This warranty does not cover vandalized or broken materials, or damages caused as a result of negligence or unauthorized excavation or repairs and maintenance. Naiad Irrigation Systems Ltd. cannot warrant any service or repairs performed on the irrigation system by any persons or contractors other than those employed by Naiad Irrigation Systems Ltd. Any such unauthorized repairs, service or maintenance shall be grounds for cancelation of the remaining warranty.

Labour and materials are covered as part of the warranty.

Any maintenance and/or repairs required not covered under warranty is subject to additional charges including materials, labour and applicable service fees.

What sets Naiad apart from the rest?

The following sets us apart from other irrigation companies:

Certified Irrigation Contractor

Full liability insurance (5 Million)

WCB coverage

Certified safety program (COR)

Compliance with backflow prevention regulations. Others do not and yes that will save you money, but does risk your family and neighbours health.

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