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In-floor Heating, Irrigation or RP/DCVA valves must undergo this test.
The City of Calgary and municipalities across Alberta oversee annual testing and compliance of cross connection devices in order to protect the drinking water supply from contamination.

Cross Connection Testing is mandatory at the beginning of each irrigation season as per City of Calgary By Law 39.3e to prevent water contamination


Cross Connection Testing

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Get tested with trust with our guaranteed city of Calgary approved cross connection control device testing performed by certified technicians.

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Cross Connection Test Service

Why test?

Cross Connection Control Device or Water Backflow Testing is a requirement as per the City of Calgary Water Utility Bylaws and is part of the annual maintenance for the adequate performance of an irrigation system, and certain boiler systems.

It ensures the backflow devices are properly protecting your water supply from potential backflow and contamination of our drinking water supply.

Homeowners should take backflow prevention very seriously, as it can have costly, even fatal consequences. Avoid costly fines and help protect our drinking water.

We conduct all of our testings in compliance with CSA Standards B64.10-11/B64.10.1-11 (Selection and installation of backflow preventers/Maintenance and field testing of backflow preventers). We are certified through the AWWA (American Water Works Association Western Canada Section), and are registered with the City of Calgary, as Cross Connection Control Specialists/Testers.

Water Backflow Device Test
Water Backflow

What Happens if I Don’t Have or Test My Backflow Device?

As per the City of Calgary Water Utility Bylaw section 39.3e: “A test must be performed at the time the system is turned on at the beginning of each irrigation season.”

Water Backflow

Failure to Test My Device?

Not only you are exposing yourself and your family to the life threatening hazards of consuming contaminated water, failure to test your backflow device is punishable as per Bylaw: 40M2006 39(3) – “Failure to test Cross Connection Control Device” – Specified Penalty $1500.

Water Backflow

Failure to Have a Proper Backflow Prevention Device Installed?

If your sprinkler system does not have a double check valve (DCVA) installed, it is in direct violation of the City of Calgary Water Utility Bylaws. It is of outmost importance that you have a backflow prevention device installed, to ensure your water supply is properly protected. 40M2006 38(1) – “Failure to install Cross Connection Control Device” – Specified Penalty $2000

For more information you can also visit Cross Connection Calgary.

Thank you for keeping our water clean!

Clean alberta waterflow thanks to cross connection testing