Commercial Projects Portfolio

A tiny snapshot of the many commercial projects done across Calgary. From residential complexes to golf courses and every single imaginable project in between. Check some of our favorite pictures below

strip mall lawn
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Big Green Spaces

Parks, Golf courses and similar environments

Auburn bay area sprinkler system installation
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Commercial properties such as strip malls, office spaces and industrial areas.

golf course irrigation system
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Residential Complexes

From condo buildings to townhouse condo complexes.

Hotel Irrigation System
Irrigation Commercial Project
Commercial Irrigation
Beautiful Commercial Lawn
McKenzie Townhall Irrigation

We’ve been all over Calgary!

Commercial irrigation systems are a complex undertaking. Volumes of water, span and extent of the system can vary greatly from residential installs. The chances for something to go wrong or fail increase exponentially with the size of the project. More lines, means more connections, more connections mean more sprinkler body, heads and the list goes on.

NAIAD Irrigation has been the irrigation partner of many commercial and public spaces across Calgary. We have done golf courses, strip malls, park and recrational spaces and more.

No project is too big or too small. Our teams have a diverse experience and we have the required man power for any type of project. Contact us today to get a quote!

Canada Olympic Park Irrigation system