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Lawn Maintenance Calgary

Lawn Maintenance Contracts

We offer flat rate pricing, flexible maintenance packages, and the best customer service in the industry.  Our property maintenance package can include everything your commercial or residential property needs to stay clean and sharp throughout the entire season or year, for one monthly fee.  Contact us by way of email or call us at 403-618-DROP (3767) for a quote


  • Summer maintenance contracts:  6 equal payments due the first of every month, starting May 1
  • Year-round maintenance contracts (maintenance contracts that include snow removal):  12 equal payments due the first of every month, starting May 1

Our Monthly Fee Includes

  • Weekly summer landscape maintenance performed automatically from May to September (not including spring or fall cleanup
  • Blowing of all driveways, walkways, hard surfaces, roads and parking lots
  • Collection and disposal of loose debris, garbage, leaves and excess clippings will be extra.  By default we do mulch grass clippings.


  • Spring Cleanup that includes aeration, dethatching, blowing out shrub beds, removal of debris, and one cut/trim.  April to May.
  • Fall Cleanup that includes, blowing out shrub beds, removal of leaves/debris, and one cut/trim.  September to October.
  • Remove pet waste every time we cut your grass.  Extra charges apply when pet waste is not kept up prior to us showing up.
  • Weeding/cultivation of flowerbeds, shrub beds and tree wells
  • Pruning, trimming and general care of shrubs and bushes
  • Snow Removal


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