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Lawn Maintenance Contracts

Naiad Irrigation Systems is proud to offer Summer and Year Round lawn maintenance packages. Whether you are looking for a core aeration in a spring, weekly mowing, or a comprehensive year round maintenance package we are happy to assist.

Services Available:

  • Weekly Mowing
  • Bi-Weekly Mowing
  • Core Aeration Services
  • Power Raking / Dethatching (Also includes a Mow/Trim)
  • Spring Cleanup Packages (Debris Removal, Shrub/Flowerbed Cleaning, Core aeration, Power Rake and a Mow/Trim)
  • Shrub/Flower Bed Maintenance
  • Fall Cleanup Packages (Debris Removal, Shrub/Flowerbed Cleaning)
  • Snow Removal

Summer Maintenance Information

Our Summer Maintenance services begin May 1st , 2018 (Spring Cleanups, Core Aeration, and Power Raking will be available prior to this date pending on the weather)
All of our contracts are billed on a monthly basis, packages are available until October 31st , 2018
Trimmings and Clippings from our Weekly or Bi-Weekly mowing services are mulched by default to provide essential nutrients to your lawn, however bagging and removal of trimmings is also available for a small fee.

Year Round Maintenance

Naiad is proud to offer comprehensive Year Round maintenance packages. These packages include all of your desired Summer Lawn Maintenance services, and Snow Removal services in the winter months all rolled into one monthly payment throughout the season.
Our Year Round Maintenance packages are available from May 1st 2018 and run until April 30th 2019.


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Snow Removal

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